Text2GED Version 2.4 Now Available

Text2GED is . . .

. . . a computer application that quickly and accurately extracts genealogy data from popular genealogy websites, converting it into the standard GEDCOM 5.5 file format.

Text2GED bridges the gap between your desktop genealogy database program and the Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org websites. Instead of manually typing in each little bit of genealogy data from your keyboard, with just a click of your mouse Text2GED lets you copy and paste entire pages full of data - page after page after page - and then automatically converts it all to standard GEDCOM 5.5 format for import into your favorite family tree program.

Consider Text2GED as an exceedingly fast (and accurate!) typist and faithful scribe. A super-scribe, if you will. Super-duper, even. Watch this short demonstration video to see how it can work for you.

Click button below to download (11/22/2020 build)

Text2GED installation instructions are included in the download

Text2GED is a fully functional program, except the 'Save to GEDCOM' feature is disabled. To enable saving your work to a GEDCOM file you must purchase a registration key. To purchase a registration key (only $18.99 until January 2021!) click on the button below: