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Coming Soon (God willing)!

MerGED (August 2009 release)

A companion tool for Text2GED. Merge GEDCOM files quicky and easily.

GEDxlate - Full version (Early 2010)

Same features as GEDxlate Lite, plus convert MS Access, MS Excel, and CSV files into GEDCOM format; additional field selections (including Notes and Sources); select specific records; edit capabilities; and more.

Text2GED Upgrades (we'll see)

  1) additional format recognition

  2) beefed-up source record capture, linking, and listings

  3) additional GEDCOM tags (events, LDS info, and ?)

  4) multi-lingual support

GEDdate (let's see how the others go)

Not just another GEDCOM browser - shows which of your ancestors (or descendants) have birthdays this month (also wedding and death anniversaries); show timelines for an individual; relationship calculator; and more.

GEDRx (half finished, but may be a pipe dream)

The definitive GEDCOM utility toolbox. Includes (but not limited to): Rx analysis; fix damaged files; quick and easy mass edits; fix/add notes; fix/edit sources; prune/splice branches; bark stripper (remove/modify selected info); lots of lists (orphans, EOLs, funny dates, sexless, I'm-my-own-grampa's, dups, and more); and more

This page was last updated April, 2009.